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Minors C Division

The Minors C Division is the second level of Little League play your child will experience as they progress through elementary school.  It is open to players with at least 1 year of T-ball experience, typically 6 years of age.  Coaches pitch to their own teams with a focus on hitting skills and success.  At this level you will see dramatic improvements in your child as they take a big leap to this style of ball. The focus of this level is fundamentals, development, safety and fun.  Coaches are on the field with the players offering instruction before during and after each play.  

Teams are created to follow school and or neighborhood affiliations so players can enjoy the season with close friends.  All games are house games and played a Maetzold Field.  The score is kept in these games, but the season standings are not.  The regular season is followed by a final exhibition game.  Minors C finds a nice blend between recreational and competitive baseball where all players can feel comfortable playing.

HALL Player Development Program

This program is intended to encourage baseball "practice" or just activity outside of HALL scheduled and coordinated practices and games for our T-ball, Minors C, and Minors B level players. Track the time your player plays catch with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister;  plays sandlot with his or her friends;  practices running the bases in the back yard; etc.

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Misc. Details:

Age/Grade Criteria (3 lower HALL leagues shown):

a.       T-ball = Before school & Pre-K (4 year old minimum at of 4/30)

b.      Minors C = Kindergarten

c.       Minors B = 1st & 2nd (3rd graders that aren't drafted to Minors A)


Target number of teams and team size:   Target 6 teams.  8 per team to enable coaching focus

League Coordinator:  T-ball Coordinator is the League Coordinator. 

Game Schedule:   Similar quantity of games to T-ball

Game length:  1 hour

Post Season:  Showcase game

Minors C Official Rules

In Minors C, we utilize all official LL rules, as well as additional HALL specific rules published here.