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T-Ball Division

There is nothing more heart warming than seeing the smile on your child's face after getting their first hit or scoring their first run in T-Ball. Aside from your own backyard, T-Ball is your child's first organized baseball experience. It is open to children ages 4-5 years of age. There usually between 7-10 players on each team. Teams are created to follow school and or neighborhood affiliations so players can enjoy the season with close friends. 

The focus of T-Ball is fun, safety and the most basic of fundamentals: Throwing, catching, hitting and running to the right base! It is our desire that kids really have fun in T-Ball and learn some basic fundamentals that can be further work on at home. We want to plant a seed that grows into a lifelong love of baseball.

HALL is the
only local
baseball program
with a
4 year old
T-Ball program!!

HALL Player Development Program

This program is intended to encourage baseball "practice" or just activity outside of HALL scheduled and coordinated practices and games for our T-ball, Minors C, and Minors B level players. Track the time your player plays catch with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister;  plays sandlot with his or her friends;  practices running the bases in the back yard; etc.

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2021 T-Ball Teams

Edina Realty Mortgage
Erosion Products
Hopkins Auto Body
Hopkins Noon Time Lions
Little Blind Spot
Park Dental
Team Tucker


T-Ball Official Rules

In T-Ball, we utilize all official LL rules, as well as additional HALL specific rules published here.