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Minors A Division

The Minors A Division is the second highest level of play in Little League. It is designed for players 9-11 years of age. It is the first level of kid pitch play and utilizes 9 defensive players in the field. Typical play is developmental and competitive.   This level is a ton of fun for your child.   It is their first taste of real baseball. Coaches coach from the dugout so the players are really on their own to make plays and hold down responsibilities at their postion.  

The regular season is made up of a combined house and interleague travel schedule intended to give your child a great overall experience. After a fun and competitive regular season, the post season starts with a house tournament. Following that, all house teams will get a chance to participate in the Minors A Classic. 


Past Minors A Champions

Year Regular Season Minors A Tournament
2017 Bellmobile Bellmobile
2016 Bellmobile Bellmobile
2015 Glen Lake Optimists
2014 Al's Coffee Bellmobile
2013 Pine Tar Academy Pine Tar Academy
2012 Bellmobile Center Drug
2011 Metro Athletic Bellmobile
2009 Center Drug Bellmobile
2008 Bellmobile M.S. Drywall
2007 Bellmobile Al's Coffee
2006 DC Advisors
2004 Metro Athletic Edina Realty

Official Minors A Rules

In Minors A, we utilize all official LL rules, as well as additional HALL specific rules published here.