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Majors Division

The Majors Division is the highest level of play in Little League.  It is open to players 10-12 years of age.  It has kid pitch play and utilizes 9 defensive players in the field.  Typical play is fast paced and strategic.  The regular season is made up of a combined house and interleague travel schedule intended to give your child a great overall experience.  After a fun and competitive regular season, post season starts with a house tournament.  Following that, each house team will get a chance to participate in a tournament based on the regular season order of finish. The summer finishes with the top players representing HALL on an All-Star team against the best our state has to offer.  We pride ourselves in preparing HALL players to move on to Babe Ruth, American Legion and High School level play.


Majors Official Rules

In Majors, we utilize all official LL rules, as well as additional HALL specific rules published here.

2021 "Touch 'em All" Homerun Tribute

Name Team Date
Wyatt Petersen Team Tucker June 21, 2019
Lucas Rian Memorial Cup 12U Team July 6, 2019
Deandre Mayaka 12-11-10 District All-Stars July 11, 2019

2021 Majors Standings

Past Majors Champions

Year Regular Season House Tourney
2019 Team Tucker
2018 Midnite Market BellMobile
2017 American Legion Elks
2016 American Legion Elks
2015 Elks Affordable Auto
2014 American Legion American Legion
2013 Affordable Auto Affordable Auto
2012 Elks American Legion
2011 Midnite Market American Legion
2010 DC Advisors None
2009 Midnite Market None
2008 Affordable Auto None
2007 Elks None
2006 Midnite Market None