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2018 HALL Fall Ball

Registration for 2018 HALL Fall Ball is now open! 

Fall Ball is a fun informal developmental league focused on building skills and preparing players for next spring's season. Fall Ball is a great opportunity for players Little League ages 7-12 who will be moving up to Minors B, Minors A or Majors next spring to experience a higher level of play prior to player evaluations next year. Getting used to pitching and the speed of the game this fall will help your ball players transition.

Fall Ball will have practices starting the last week of August / first week of September. 

Fall Ball games will be played on Sundays (typically between 12pm - 4pm). The games will begin on September 9th with the end of the season set for October 7th. Games will be played both at Maetzold Field and at other fields in surrounding metro communities.

Fall Ball is open to players who will be within the ages of 8 and 12 between September 1st, 2018 and August 31st, 2019.  The ages listed below refer to the age they will be during this time period, which is their 2019 Little League age.

·    8 - 9 year olds who plan to play Minors B next Spring season should sign up for Rookie Division (machine/coach pitch)

·    9 - 10 year olds who plan to try out for Minors A next Spring should be signed up for the Classic Division (kid pitch)

·    10 – 12 year olds who plan to try out for Majors next Spring should be signed up for the Masters Division (kid pitch)

Cost:  $50

Registration closes on August 31st.

Typical Game Format

·         Kid pitch or machine pitch

·         2 innings per position limit

·         6 inning games

·         Round robin batting order

·         Stealing allowed

·         5 runs per inning limit

·         Little League rules

Tentative Spring Season Schedule

Division Ages Dates Games Practices Notes
Tball 4-5 April 29th - June 24th 1/week (Saturday morning) 1/week (typically Wed or Thursday night) Player will hit off of a tee and may try coach pitch half way through the season.
Minors C (coach pitch) 5-6 April 29th - June 24th 2/week (typically Monday or Tuesday nights 6pm and Saturday morning) 1/week (typically Wed or Thursday night) Coaches pitch to their players, and games are scored but standings are not kept. This level is for players that are beginning to understand the game and techniques for hitting, fielding and throwing.
Minors B (machine pitch) 7-8 April 29th - June 24th 2/week (typically Wednesday or Thursday nights and Saturday morning/midday) 2/week (typically scheduled Mondays, Tuesdays, or Friday night) Players will hit from a pitching machine using a hard ball and games will be coach-umpired.
Minors A (kid pitch) 9-11 April 28th - June 23rd 2/week 2/week This is a kid-pitch division using a hard ball. Mandatory evaluations for Team selections are on Saturday, March 17th @ West Junior High, times will be posted at the Spring clinics.
Majors (kid pitch) 10-12 April 28th - June 23rd 2-3/week 2-3/week Teaches the players advanced baseball skills and player positions. Mandatory evaluations for Team selections are on Saturday, March 17th @ West Junior High, times will be posted at the Spring clinics.
Challenger 6-18 May through Mid-June Sundays at Maetzold from 1-2. Season opener April 30th, May 7th, May 14th, May 21st, June 4th, and June 11th None We will have uniform handout and an optional practice Sunday April 23rd from 1-3pm at Maetzold Field

Little League Age Determination

Little League International is introducing new age determination guidelines that go into full effect in 2018. Knowing the "Little League age" of your player is important for ensuring they are playing in the appropriate division, attending the appropriate events and are part of the appropriate tournaments. 


All Star & Tournament Teams

All-Star teams for 8-12 year olds are formed at the end of the season, based on voting and input from Coaches.  All-Star players participate in practices and Post-season tournaments through the end of July. In addition to All-Star teams, we offer additional tournament teams, giving many players an opportunity to continue playing baseball through the end of July!

More about the Little League All Star Tournament:

 The pinnacle of Little League baseball is the Little League World Series played every August in Williamsport, PA.  The LLWS is truly a world-wide event, involving 8 U.S. teams and 8 International teams.  The teams that reach the LLWS consist of the top 12 year olds from a given league that have competed and won at the District, State, and Regional levels.  Although only the 12 year old All-Star team can make it to  the LLWS, each league selects All-Star teams at the 12, 11, 10, and 9 year old level.  The 9's compete only at the district level, while the 10's and 11's compete at the district and state level.  The 12 year old team that wins their district All-Star tournament, proceeds a State tournament.  If they win there, they advance to a Regional tournament, and if they win that, they head to Williamsport for an incredible experience.


Any inquiries or requests for assistance can be directed to:

Aisha Robinson

HALL Registration Coordinator

Para ayuda en espanol

Scholarship Information

More information coming... email registration coordinator in the meantime.

HALL Address

Send forms and payments to:

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